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Proximity Switch from Stord

Stord Proximity Switch

Working principle of inductive proximity switch

Stord Working principle of inductive proximity switch

Inductive proximity switch is composed of three parts: oscillator, switch circuit and magnified output circuit. The oscillator will generate an alternating electric field. When the metal object approaches this electric field and reaches the induction distance, whirlpool will generate in metal object, resulting in attenuation of vibration and then stop. The change of vibration and stop of oscillator is treated by behind stage magnified circuit and converted to switching sign, triggering driving control for non-contact detection.

Model explanation of proximity switch


Main features:

  • compact volume;
  • high precision of repeated location;
  • diversified exterior;
  • good performance of anti-interference;
  • many output forms;
  • high on-off frequency;
  • wide voltage range;
  • dust proof, vibration proof, water proof and oil proof;
  • with short-circuit protection and inverted connecting protection;
  • long service life.

Application illustration of proximity switch

Features of proximity switch

Main features
Take high frequency oscillation type proximity sensor (front detector) as representative example to briefly explain general features of proximity switch.

Stord Proximity Switch Main Features

Explanation of technical terms
Series connection and parallel connection
Correct use, installation and cautions

Stord Correct use, installation and cautions

  1. DC switch should adopt insulation transformer and ensure stable voltage mains corrugation.
  2. IF any electric power line or dynamic line passes through the surrounding of switch lead-wire, in order to prevent the switch from damage or error action, cover the metal bushing on the switch lead-wire and ground it to the earth.
  3. Set the switch use distance within the rated distance to avoid the effects from temperature and voltage.
  4. Wiring while power-on is strictly prohibited. Connecting the wires strictly according to the wiring diagram and output return elementary diagram.
  5. If there are any special requirements to the switch like water proof, oil proof, acid proof, base proof, high temperature proof or with any other specifications, the users are required to give clear indication when placing an order. We can produce according to the requirements of the use.

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